4D-Clear Lift face modelling

4D-Clear Lift face modelling

Clear Lift is the first non-ablative, fractional therapy Q-switched laser procedure. It makes it possible to eliminate imperfections related to ageing – especially in the areas of thin and delicate skin. A special fractional Q-switched laser is used to make a controlled microinjury in the dermis in order to cause a deep mechanical effect by focusing the energy under the epidermis, keeping it intact at the same time.

The process of healing the injury stimulates the production of collagen, and shrinking of the tissue. This procedure is almost pain-free and does not require any downtime. It does not require any anaesthetic, either, and it is safe for all skin phototypes.

The control of the depth at which the procedure is performed allows to benefit from both deep and superficial techniques – depending on the area under procedure, skin phototype and medical indications.

Apart from the standard tip, ClearLift4D allows for treatment at four different depths:

  • Superficial Plus (25-100 µm)
    Recommended for epidermis
  • Superficial (100-450 µm)
    Recommended for epidermis
  • Classic (450-750 µm)
    Recommended for middle and upper layers of dermis
  • Deep (750-1500 µm)
  • Recommended for middle layer of dermis
  • Deep Plus (1500-2500 µm)
    Recommended for middle layer of dermis

The tips used in superficial procedures have been designed for thinner, more delicate areas of skin, and also for patients with minor wrinkles, flaccid skin and superficial changes related to pigmentation and coupe rosé.

The tips used in deep procedures have been designed for thicker skin, deeper wrinkles, and changes related to pigmentation and coupe rosé.

The classic tip enables the treatment of various conditions in the dermis-epidermis area.

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