Aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery?

Aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery?

Joanna Wiśniewska-Goryń, M.D. – a specialist in plastic surgery and general surgery, and a qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine

Dr Wisniewska, you specialise in plastic surgery, and at the same time you are a certified doctor of aesthetic medicine. Are these two areas not dedicated to patients with completely different needs?

Both yes and no. Aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of treatments aimed at improving the condition of the skin. In some cases, however, we get better results with plastic surgery. Thanks to the fact that I specialise in both areas, based on the medical interview, and the patient’s needs and expectations, analysis of medical examinations and a health assessment, together with the patient we make a decision on whether to undergo an aesthetic medicine treatment or perform plastic surgery.

Description of a specific example...

Aesthetic medicine is still often associated with large lips or the lack of facial expressions. Are there patients who fear such an effect?

Neither I nor the patient want to achieve a grotesque appearance, which is why in my work it is very important to listen to the patient. On the first visit I ask the patient what bothers them most in their appearance and what results they want to achieve. After listening to the patient I present my point of view - I emphasise their beauty strengths and, if need be, point out what should be changed. Together with the patient we establish a plan of treatments and procedures. During the first visit, I try not to make too many invasive procedures. As time passes, the patient and doctor mutually gain each other’s trust. Gradually, with every additional treatment we see improvement in the appearance and a fresh, rested and attractive face emerges.

Which treatments should we undergo to meet our expectations?

Each patient is different, so I can only suggest specific treatment after I get to know the patient. For subtle changes, however, contrary to appearances and prejudices, botulinum toxin treatments are best. It is a formula which can help achieve gradual improvement in the appearance and result in a rested, fresh look. Mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and stem cells are very good for skin regeneration. They do not change facial features, but significantly increase the production of collagen in the skin, which reduces bags under the eyes, smooths out wrinkles and firms the skin. These types of treatments are beneficial because they will not cause changes in the face features immediately after leaving the office, but will certainly improve your well-being and delay the aging process. For patients who are evidently bothered by something, such as a big belly, which they cannot get rid of despite diet and exercise, I suggest liposuction. At the Damian Hospital I also perform plastic surgery on the breasts (reduction, enlargement, lifting, firming), breast reconstruction after mastectomy, nipple reconstruction, rhinoplasty, and reconstruction of the ears and eyelids. Patients who have bariatric surgery (surgical treatment of obesity) may benefit from abdominoplasty, or the removal of excess skin remaining as a result of the rapid slimming.

Why do you feel these treatments and procedures should be performed in institutions with years of experience?

Safety is always top priority. Treatments and procedures should be performed by specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. The patient may check the qualifications of the doctor at any time. The list of doctors is available on the website of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging. Plastic surgery is performed at the Damian Hospital in the operating theatre, where the patient is constant monitored. An anaesthetist and a nurse are present throughout the surgery. After surgery, the patient is transferred to the recovery room, and then spends one day at the hospital in an en suite single-room under constant medical care. Qualified specialists, hospital facilities and the quality of preparations used guarantee medical safety, which is something I appreciate the most while doing my job.

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