Diagnosis and treatment of breast neoplasm Warsaw

Treatment of breast neoplasm comprises:

  • Pre-operation diagnosis
    • Mammography – the examinations are evaluated and described by dr med. E. Wesołowska, the Head of Mammography Department of Oncology Centre.
    • Breast ultrasound – ultrasound guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy The examination is performed by dr med. T. Kubicki. The result is given to the patient on the day of examination.
  • Surgical treatment
    • Quadrantectomy with immediate intraoperative examination if needed
    • Breast-conserving surgery in patients with breast cancer with double contrast technique for localization of the sentinel lymph node using the ionising radiation detector - gammafinder
    • Radical breast amputation
    • Simple mastectomy with localization of the sentinel lymph node
    • The possibility of breast reconstruction with co-operation of a surgical oncologist and a plastic surgeon.
    • Operation of benign breast lumps according to surgical oncologist indications.
  • Rehabilitation after breast neoplasm operation in Damian Medical Centre hospital ward run by dr reh. Hanna Tchórzewska-Korba, Rehabiliation Departament of Oncology Centre

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