Diagnostics and Treatment Department

Oddział Diagnostyczno-Zabiegowy

In Diagnostics and Treatment Department patients after operations and patients requiring quick general diagnosis are hospitalized.

At the Damian Hospital we perform operations and procedures in, among others, general, oncological, vascular, obesity, plastic, gynaecological and ophthalmological surgery.

Our team

  • Head of Day care and Diagnostics and Treatment Department – Doctor Beata Kuśmierczyk-Droszcz
  • Head of Operating Theatre – Doctor Grzegorz Zylbersztejn

Endoscopy Room

In Endoscopy Room such examinations as gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are performed. At the patient’s request and when there are no contraindications, these procedures can be performed under short-term general anaesthesia. During endoscopy procedures there is a possibility not only to see the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal, but also to, in case of lesions, remove the lesion, collect a sample for histopathological examination or stop the bleeding. After the examination or procedure, the patient is transported to the Room of Intensive Supervision, which he/she can leave after about 2 hours. Endoscopy Room has the most modern endoscopic equipment and disinfecting equipment, which protect the patient from the possibility of viral infection during the examination.


Independent of day care procedure, there are orthopaedics and neurosurgical operations performed in the operating theatre; they require a much longer hospital stay and rehabilitation in hospital. The Damian Hospital specializes also in thyroid operations as well as therapeutic and plastic operations of breasts.

Bariatric surgeries (obesity treatment) are performed in the ward too. Since 2010 cataract surgeries are performed using the modern phacoemulsification method with simultaneous implantation of the intraocular lens.

For many years now patients with dysrhythmias requiring cardioversion (electric current used to reset the heart's rhythm) have also been referred to the department. In Diagnostics and Treatment Department patients after operations and patients requiring quick general diagnosis are hospitalized. This ward has five rooms with one bed and seven with two beds and there are two beds in the Supervision Room.

Procedures performed at the Damian Hospital are usually day care procedures, i.e. patients stay in hospital for up to 48 hours. Laryngologists, urologists, surgeons and gynaecologists operate in this mode. Most operations are performed by minimally-invasive endoscopic method.

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