ASSR - hearing tests under childs natural sleep

ASSR test is usually performed to determine a threshold of hearing, that means reconstruction of audiogram. On the basis of the examination evaluation of hearing, hearing defects, possibility of treatment and rehabilitation may be performed.

In case of children with suspicion of neurological abnormalities (suspicion of Asperger syndrome, autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hyperesthesia, sensory processing disorder) it is recommended to perform the examination with the help of anaesthesia. All attempts to test hearing in children with these deficiencies are not possible to be performed under child’s natural sleep.

The tests are carried out in children between 30 days of life and 3 years.


  • The whole test lasts 2 hours.
  • Performing of otoscopy, that is physical ear examination, which enables evaluation of external auditory canal and, indirectly, middle ear through assessment of tympanic membrane.
  • Performance of 3D tympanogram, that is evaluation of middle ear function. In case of abnormal test result, ASSR test will not be performed. In such a situation, a consultation with a laryngologist is necessary to undertake treatment.
  • Performance of ASSR – determination of threshold of hearing.
  • Consultation with a hearing prosthetist: discussing test results, further procedure, potential rehabilitation or hearing aid.


  • 3 weeks before the test, the child must be healthy.
  • Runny nose, cough disqualifies from the test. The child must be tired and sleepy on the day of the test. The child should not be allowed to sleep 5-6 hours before the test.
  • The child should not be fed 3-4 hours before the test. The child can be fed just before the test but after the preparation of the child for ASSR test, i.e. about 15-20 minutes before sleep, appropriate electrodes are stick to the child (similar to those in ECG test), only then the child is fed and put to sleep.
  • The child is prepared to sleep by the parent. The deeper and calmer the child sleeps, the faster the result will be obtained. We kindly ask you to bring your blanket, pillow or favourite cuddly toy, thanks to which the child will feel safer, as if at home, will fall asleep faster and his/her sleep will be calmer.
  • Estimated time of ASSR test from the beginning: 40-60 minutes The time booked for the test: 120 minutes