Comprehensive medical check-up in 24 hours

Publication date: 20.08.2020
Comprehensive medical check-up in 24 hours

We often think we are fit and have no health problems. Even if we experience some minor ailments, we believe they are only temporary and will not last long. While this is indeed very often the case, we should bear in mind that even if we are feel at the moment, our health is influenced by a number of variables. An important role is also played by genetic factors, environmental conditions and lifestyle. Our health is also negatively affected by stress, which most of us experience these days.


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Haste limits the possibilities of carrying out a very precise diagnostics in outpatient settings. Outpatient consultations are primarily attended by individuals who need urgent help at a given moment.  During hospitalisation, physicians can be very accurate in identifying and diagnosing health issues that appeared at various stages of the patient’s life. An appointment at the doctor’s office also offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the patient’s family history, which, where necessary, will help to extend or modify the scope of tests and examinations prescribed, e.g. with other consultations or genetic tests. Before being discharged home, the patient and his/her attending physician determine further course of action, e.g. repeat tests and examinations, health prevention measures, or beginning specific treatment. If the results of some tests/examinations are still not available, the date for a summarising appointment is set.

Dr Jacek Walewski, PhD, Medical Director at Damiana Medical Centre

Preventive health check-ups may be compared, for example, to technical car inspections – with the unfortunate difference that we often dedicate more care and attention to our cars than ourselves. We change tyres, replace oil and filters, and check if other parts, such as brakes, gearbox, etc. work properly.  Visiting a car service station once a year is a natural or even an obligatory thing for each car owner. Why don’t we treat our bodies the same way? Some of us come for a medical consultation or check-up only when we experience pain.

Annual medical check-ups are extremely important – we should do them not only when we are diagnosed with a certain disorders, but also when we feel absolutely well – for our peace of mind we should check if there is nothing alarming going on in our body. Remember that these check-ups allow for early detection of health problems and their effective treatment.

...If you had not had any medical tests or examinations in the last year, you should schedule an appointment for a basic medical check-up. Not for the purpose of searching for diseases, but - changing our way of thinking - to confirm that we are healthy. And perhaps you will learn something important then? For example, that you should make changes to your diet or you will find out the cause of your chronic fatigue or malaise? We cannot put all the blame on stress, which is not an answer to all our problems. Of course, it should not be ignored as it leads to a number of serious health issues. However, it cannot be an excuse for us to avoid medical tests and examinations, and believe that a good rest will address all the alarming health signals

Katarzyna Janiec, MA, a psychologist at Damiana Medical Centre.

Why should you get a comprehensive medical check-up at Damiana Hospital?


The Comprehensive Medical Check-Up is a programme of carefully selected tests, examinations and consultations for individuals who don’t have much free time and want to take care of their health in a timely manner. All the tests and examinations are performed during a 12-hour stay at Damiana Hospital.


Tell us when you would like to get your Comprehensive Medical Check-Up and we will find a suitable date for you.


Health diagnosis in 24 hours and recommendations for further actions.


A relaxing stay in a comfortable single room with a private bathroom.


Individual care from the programme’s coordinator, who ensures efficient performance of tests, examinations and consultations.

...I am very pleased by the standard of my room (or perhaps I have not stayed in a hospital for a long time?). It’s a bit like in American movies where I receive a single good-standard room with a private bathroom. I am going to stay here for the next 24 hours... Yes, there is Wi-Fi.

Michał Mańkowski, editor of the website

Description of tests and consultations within the comprehensive medical check-up

The scope of tests and examinations performed as part of the Comprehensive Medical Check-Up has been prepared by a team of specialists from Damiana Medical Centre. As a result, the tests and examinations include both basic and extended diagnostics, so that the health assessment process and further recommendations could provide a consistent image of the patient’s health.

  • Specialist consultations
  • Imaging procedures
  • Laboratory tests
  • Endoscopic examinations
  • Additional diagnostics

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Cost of the comprehensive medical check-up

Comprehensive medical check-up in 24 hours

For women
7,900 PLN

Comprehensive medical check-up in 24 hours

For men
7,900 PLN


After having my medical check-up, I look at this expense from a different perspective. Not as a one-off expense, but in terms of putting aside a specific amount regularly each month. This way it is possible to collect the entire sum in a few months. This is, after all, an investment for many years to come ....

Michał Mańkowski,

Special offer

Bring along at least one person with you and you will both receive a 15% discount for the tests/examinations included in the package.

Purchasing a package for you and your close friend or family member, you save PLN 2,070.

The discount is available only when purchasing the package at the Hospital Department of Damiana Medical Centre at Wałbrzyska 46. Want more information? Contact the Help Department.

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