Computed tomography scan

Publication date: 26.08.2019

Description of the examination

It is a radiological examination using X-Rays. The patient is placed on a special moving table and moved inside the equipment where on a special frame, around the patient’s body, a lamp producing X-Rays is moving. This radiation going through particular tissues of the patient becomes weaker.
It depends on the type of the tissue, e.g. going through bones – the wave is significantly weaker but going through the air is minimally weaker. Thanks to this phenomenon, we can differentiate particular tissues in the patient’s body. The patient can stay in his/her clothes during the examination.

The patient should lay still on the back and follow the doctor’s or the technician’s orders to obtain a better quality of images. The result of the examination is given to the patient with the description and images. The examination is painless.

Preparation for the examination

  • You should not eat 6 hours before the examination.
  • 2 hours before the examination you should drink still water.
  • You should come 15 minutes before the planned time of the examination.
  • Bring results of CT scan, MR, X-Rays and ultrasound and other medical documentation.
  • Bring health insurance confirmation (NFZ sponsored examinations).
  • Bring Medical Record Book of the child
  • Regular medication should be taken according to doctor’s orders.