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Publication date: 22.12.2019

Cookies Policy of Centrum Medyczne Damiana Holding Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter: Damiana Medical Centre)


"Cookies" are small text files that may contain various information about the user, including personal data in the form of the computer's IP address and the unique device identifier saved in the file. "Cookies" are stored in the memory of your device - they are not stored on our servers, we only read the content of these files, accessing them during your visit to our website.

Each individual cookie consists of four basic parts:

  • Name of the website: the name of the domain or subdomain that set the cookie;
  • Name of the cookie: the cookie has a unique name on the page that set it;
  • Expiry date: some cookies expire when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), other cookies will be automatically deleted only after reaching the expiration date that has been set (so-called persistent cookies);
  • Value: this is information in a cookie that the website uses to "remember" a previous visit.

More information about "cookies" can be found at or

On our websites we use cookies and similar technologies hereinafter collectively referred to as Cookies. These technologies ensure, among others proper operation of the website.

In line with the accepted practice of most websites, we store HTTP requests directed to our server. This means that we know the public IP addresses from which users browse the content of our website. The content viewed is identified by URL addresses. We also know, among others:

  • the time the inquiry was received,
  • the time the reply was sent,
  • URL address of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) - if the Damiana Medical Centre’s site was reached via a link,
  • information about the user's browser.

These data are not associated with specific people browsing the pages of Damiana Medical Centre. To ensure the highest quality of the website, we occasionally analyse log files to determine which pages are visited most often, which web browsers are used, or whether the structure of the page contains any errors, etc.

When visiting our websites you remain anonymous until you decide otherwise. The information contained in system logs (e.g. IP address) is used by us for technical purposes related to the administration of our servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical demographic information such as the region from which you connect with us.



As part of our services, we use cookies that are necessary and mandatory for the proper functioning of the website and the features offered through the website. We can also use Performance Cookies. These cookies collect information about how the user uses the website, which we use it to analyse website traffic. Performance cookies can help us identify areas of our websites that are particularly popular among users. This information allows us to measure the effectiveness of ads and tailor our communication to your expectations.

Our website also contains content provided by third parties. These are entities providing analytical and advertising services. The information contained in the cookies used by our website may be transferred to these entities. A full list of cookies used by our websites can be found in the section Cookies of external suppliers.

We use the following cookies for individual websites of the Damiana Medical Centre:

Cookie action


Main action

These types of cookies are necessary to manage the websites of the Damiana Medical Centre. They allow us to recognise what type of subscriber you are and to provide relevant services accordingly.


We use these cookies to analyse our sites’ accessibility, how they are used and how they work. We need this information to maintain, manage and continually improve our services.


These cookies allow us to manage certain functions of our websites based on your settings. This means that when you continue to use or return to the site, we can provide you with our services in the way you have selected by recognising your username (e.g. if the site requires logging in, the User does not have to re-enter the login and password on every subpage of the site).

The Damiana Medical Centre websites use two types of cookies: "session" cookies and "persistent" cookies. "Session" cookies are temporary files that are stored on the user's end device until the user logs out, leaves the website or closes the web browser. "Permanent" cookies are stored on the user's end device for the time specified in the cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the user.

If you want to check which cookies are stored on your device, follow the instructions in the Cookies Management section of this Cookies Policy.



The collected data are stored as an auxiliary material used to administer the website. The information contained therein is not disclosed to anyone except persons authorised to administer the server and the Damiana Medical Centre network. Based on log files, statistics can be generated to assist in administration. Aggregate summaries in the form of such statistics do not contain any identifying features of website visitors.

The legal basis for collecting your data retrieved from Cookies is Art. 6 item 1(f) of the GDPR, allowing the processing of personal data for the implementation of the legally justified interest of the data controller.

These justified purposes for which data are retrieved from Cookies include:

  • ensuring proper and safe operation of the website for the user and his device;
  • adapting the page to the user's individual settings and remembering the data entered by the user related to the use of the website, e.g. the choice of saving cookies on the user's device or remembering the password (keeping the user logged-in);
  • conducting statistical analyses of users and website visitors, e.g. website visits statistics, which will serve to improve the effectiveness of our marketing activities and build a business strategy; and measuring user traffic on websites using Google Analytics code - more information can be found in the section Cookies of external suppliers.

Data are also collected in order to:

  • measure the effectiveness of actions carried out in the Google advertising network and tailoring the content of ads promoted through the Google advertising network (remarketing) – for more information see the section Cookies of external suppliers.



You can opt out of the collection of cookies by changing the settings on your browser that you use to connect to our sites, however, please note that in this case it may be difficult or impossible to use all the functions of the website.

More information:

You can also access your data in the form collected by analysing the content of cookies, in the content in which they are on your computer's disk, which are then used by the website, and delete them at any time.

You have the right to request the deletion of your data collected by us, the right to object to their processing, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection (supervisory body).

You can find more information about the processing of your personal data in our Privacy Policy.



We use analytical and advertising cookies of external suppliers that can be loaded on websites belonging to the Damiana Medical Centre. These files help us create interesting websites, tailored to your expectations.

Below please find detailed information about third parties that provide us with cookie-based technology:

Damiana Medical Centre reserves the right to make changes to the Cookie Policy in the event of changes in the law or the implementation of new technological and IT solutions.