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Publication date: 26.06.2023
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Damian Mobile

Taking care of your health should be as easy as possible! That's why we recommend using the Damian Mobile app today.

Download the app and enjoy a 5% discount on in-office consultations and diagnostic tests arranged online! Check out the promotion details.

The Damian Mobile app is:

  • modern design;
  • intuitive operation;
  • new functionalities;
  • three language versions;
  • simple login.


In the mobile application of the Damian Medical Center you can:

  • set up an account and log in;
  • make appointments with information about preparing for research;
  • cancel an appointment;
  • view scheduled and completed appointments;
  • view and download e-prescriptions;
  • view and download test results;
  • view lab results in graphical form;
  • view issued referrals;
  • download medical records;
  • use the back-up list;
  • manage family profiles without having to log back in;
  • biometric login;
  • securing your account with two-step verification;
  • editing profile data with the ability to accept operational consents;
  • adding appointments to your calendar;
  • linking your profile to another patient's profile (NEW);
  • receive PUSH notifications (NEW);
  • deleting your account;
  • choosing English or Ukrainian (NEW) language version;
  • setting the dark mode function.

Along with the launch of the Damian Mobile app, a new Damian Online patient portal was also being created.

We also encourage you to use the capabilities of the new Damian Online patient portal.

You can now:

  • log in in a simpler and more intuitive way;
  • manage your appointments in two language versions.

Damian Online functionalities:

  • Ukrainian version of the patient portal (NEW);
  • connected profiles - managing the health of your loved ones (NEW);
  • possibility to submit a POZ declaration;
  • confirmation of identity when receiving a password using the myID service;
  • making and cancelling medical appointments;
  • viewing medical appointments;
  • checking selected laboratory and imaging test results;
  • checking medications prescribed by a doctor;
  • viewing and downloading e-prescriptions;
  • linking profiles;
  • viewing issued referrals and making appointments for some of them;
  • downloading medical records;
  • waiting list.

In order to use the full version of the service and have access to all the above functionalities, it is necessary to have a patient card (MRN number) and an individual password to access the system, which must be collected in person at any Damian Medical Center facility.

Below you will receive general information on:

Access to the DAMIAN ONLINE system

In order to receive access to the Damian online system, you must:

  1. Report in person with a document proving your identity to the reception desk of any Damian Medical Center. After verifying your identity and checking the data in the Damian Medical Center system, a staff member will conduct a short registration procedure, after which you will receive the terms and conditions for using the Damian OnLine system and an individual access password.

The first login password to the Damian OnLine system is generated automatically when you visit the Damian Medical Center. It consists of 8 characters. During registration, the receptionist will ask you to enter the first four digits of the password (known only to the Patient) using a special keyboard, and then to confirm them. The system automatically generates the remaining four alphanumeric characters. The first part of the password will be invisible to the receptionist, nor will it be printed on the form and in the terms and conditions.

  1. In a simple version of Damian OnLine:

Confirm your identity using the myID service offered by the National Clearing House (KIR). The user approves the Terms and Conditions, then is redirected to a page with a list of banks that cooperate with KIR. After selecting a bank, the user confirms his/her identity. Identity verification is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of service provided by the bank selected by the User. More information about the mojeID service can be found at www.mojeid.pl. The User assigns himself a password with which he will log into the system.

Log in to the DAMIAN ONLINE system

The Damian online system can be used by all persons registered in the Damian Medical Center database.

In order to log into the system you need to enter:

  • Damian Medical Center card number (MRN),
  • individual access password collected at the reception desk consisting of 8 characters.
  • a unique authorization code sent by sms or email (in the case of activating two-step verification).

For the security of your data and to protect access to it by unauthorized persons during the first login, the system will ask you to change the individual password assigned during registration to a new one.

For data security purposes, we recommend changing your password once a month.

It is important to remember that the visit, and thus the medical records relate to the person whose card number the patient provides, so it is very important that it is always the number of the person for whom the appointment is to be made (when making an appointment for a child, you must provide the child's card number and his individual password).

After logging into the system, if the Damian Medical Center database lacks the PESEL number or the mother's PESEL number (in the case of a child) or passport number (in the case of foreigners), the system will ask you to complete them.

This is a prerequisite to proceed to the next part of the application. If the required data is complete, the system will automatically display a page with contact information - phone number and e-mail address. Here you can also, by selecting the appropriate option, agree to receive appointment reminders by e-mail or SMS.

Entering an e-mail address is mandatory. Each time you make or cancel an appointment, a confirmation of your activity in the system will be sent to this address.

It is not possible to make an appointment without filling in your e-mail address.

Security of patient data

In order to ensure maximum protection of your data when using the Damian Online system, we have implemented a number of solutions:

  • information encryption mechanism using a secure 128 - bit SSL protocol, uses the procedure of assigning by the central authorization system, unique passwords authorizing the use of the Damian onLine service;
  • the individual initial access password authorizing the use of the system is assigned during the registration process and consists of a part generated by the system and a part of the password actively entered by the Patient;
  • in a two-stage authentication process, the password is subject to a procedure of identification and confirmation of the identity of the person (authentication) and verification that the person has access and authorization to use the system (authorization);
  • in order to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the patient's confidential data, the system enforces a change of the individual password at the first login, while guaranteeing the possibility of changing the password at any time.

Two-step verification

Two-step login verification is an additional security feature for your account. When logging into the full version of the Damian Online application, in addition to entering your password, you will be asked to enter a unique code, which we will send you via SMS or email. The unique code will also be required in the process of changing your phone number or password.

Two-step verification is not mandatory, and you can turn it on or off at any time. However, keep in mind that it provides the highest level of security for medical data stored in Damian Online,

To enable two-step verification, select the "My Profile" options after logging into Damian Online. In the "Security" section there is a field for entering a phone number or optionally an email address. After entering the data, the user will receive a text message or email with a unique code, which needs to be entered on the site.

A message will appear on the screen to verify the user's phone number. The next time the user logs into Damian Online, changes their phone number or password, they will be asked to confirm their identity by entering a unique code.

The user has the option to disable two-step verification at any time. After logging into Damian Online, in the "Security" section next to the phone number, there is an option to turn it off. After selecting this option, the user will be sent an sms code, which requires entry into the service.

How to use the DAMIAN ONLINE system?

To start using the app, select the appropriate tab:

  • MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to book an appointment at any Damian Medical Center,
  • CANCELLING VISITS to cancel a scheduled appointment,
  • MY DATA, to update your contact information,
  • MEDICATIONS AND E-PRESPECTS, to view medications prescribed by your doctor and to view and download e-prescriptions,
  • TEST RESULTS, to view the result of selected laboratory and diagnostic tests,
  • MY REFERRALS, to view the referrals you have made and to make an appointment for some of them,
  • PROFILES, to link another user's profile,
  • MY VISITS, to cancel or reschedule a scheduled appointment, to manage your back-up lists,
  • MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION, to download medical records.

Making an appointment

When making an appointment, select:

  • the city/region where the Damian Center is located,
  • the type of consultation you want to have.

If a particular specialty is not on the list or you have doubts about which one to choose, contact the Customer Service Center. By clicking on the fields with a question mark you will receive detailed information about the field next to which the mark is located.

If the doctor does not accept on the date you have chosen, or the appointments have been booked by other Patients, the system automatically searches for the first possible appointment and displays it with the information on the screen. After making an appointment, you will receive an invitation to the appointment containing the details of the appointment. This information can be printed out. At the same time, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment at the e-mail address provided earlier.

My data

In this section we can update our personal information: address, contact phones, email address. After changing your data, click "save" to save the changes. All changed data is saved in the Damian Medical Center database.

Test results

In this functionality, results of selected laboratory and imaging tests included in the Patient's electronic records are available. Tests that were ordered for Patients after January 1, 2013 are published.

Prescribed medications and e-prescriptions

In this tab you will receive information about the medications prescribed by your doctor. It is possible to view and download e-prescriptions.

My referrals

In this section you can see referrals issued during visits to the Damian Medical Center, along with information on the status (completed or not completed). For referrals with the status of unrealized, we have the option to:

  • make an appointment directly in the application,
  • if it is not possible to make an appointment online, an appropriate informative message is displayed.


Damian OnLine allows you to link Profiles - so you can, for example, make and cancel appointments, view referrals or check test results on behalf of the person whose Profile has been linked to your account.

In order to use the "Profiles" function in Damian Online, the User must enter the card number of the Damian Medical Center and the individual password to the system of the person whose profile I want to manage.

The user whose profile you want to manage must have an email address, in order to authorize the execution of the profile connection operation.

An email is sent to the added user with a request for acceptance to merge the profile in Damian Online.

After the email acceptance, the patient agreeing to the profile merge will be transferred to Damian Online, where he/she will finally confirm the merge after logging in to his/her profile.

Access to certain features of the system depends on the age of the connected User. The User has the ability to unlink his/her profile from another User at any time.

Medical documentation

Here the user can download his medical dosumentation (medical records). The medical records that the user has access to are made available via electronic communication. The functionality is divided into Consultation and Test Results tabs. After selecting the selected documents, the user clicks Download to download the documentation in ZIP format.

The user can download medical records resulting from a visit to the Damian Medical Center, excluding records where the results are provided only in paper form. Self-printed medical records will not be certified for conformity with the original.

Possibility to submit a POZ declaration

Patients who have access to the full version of Damian Online can submit a POZ declaration to a selected facility via the Patient Portal. A user submitting a POZ declaration via Damian OnLine fills out a form, providing all the necessary data, and in the next step is asked to sign the declaration with a trusted profile and attach a PDF file.

Submitting the declaration via Damian OnLine is simple, fast and convenient.

Note: Submission of the POZ declaration is only possible in Damian OnLine. In Damian Mobile, users can check the submitted declarations.

Discount on in-office consultations and examinations arranged online

How to take advantage of a 5% discount on in-patient consultations and diagnostic tests arranged online?

  1. Download the mobile app or use the Patient Account https://online24.damian.pl/.
  2. Log in (if you are logging in for the first time - confirm your identity).
  3. Make an appointment for an inpatient consultation or diagnostic test available on the list of specialties through the mobile app or Patient Account.
  4. While at the reception desk of the Damian Medical Center facility, refer to the 5% discount.
  5. If necessary, make another appointment online and again take advantage of the discount.

Reserve list

If all appointments are already booked or the searched appointments do not meet expectations, the Patient has the opportunity to sign up for the waiting list. By signing up for the reserve list, the Patient receives an SMS with information, about the pending proposal in Damian OnLine.

Under the results of the appointment search there is a button to sign up for the waiting list. The patient fills out the form and specifies what kind of appointment they need. The patient can choose the date of the visit he or she is looking for, the facility, the doctor and the specialty. If, by filling in the filters of the form, appointments are found which meet the criteria of the reserve list, the Patient will be presented with information with the possibility of proceeding to an appointment. After clicking "Save", a window appears in which the Patient enters the phone number to which he/she wants to receive text messages with appointment proposals (5 proposals). The number indicated for the waiting list will not be updated on the patient's chart. Information about a pending appointment proposal is also sent by email to the address indicated in the Patient's card.

When the Patient receives an SMS or email with information about a pending appointment proposal on Damian OnLine, he/she confirms or rejects it by logging in to his/her profile using the link provided in the SMS. You wait 30 minutes for a response (this time is counted down on the proposed appointment). After this time, the proposed visit is unavailable to the Patient. By performing the operation of confirming or rejecting the proposed visit, the Patient confirms the action. The window shows which visit out of the 5 proposed ones the patient rejects or confirms.

The Patient can manage appointments from the reserve list - confirm or reject - only on the Damian OnLine Patient Portal. The Patient can find his/her Reserve List in the My Visits tab.

Reserve list criteria (excluding specialties) can be edited. This does not change the order of the Patient on the list. Editing the list is done by clicking "Details" on the respective reserve list. At any time a Patient can resign from his/her reserve list on the Damian OnLine Patient Portal. Resignation from the list is done by clicking "Resign from the list" on the respective reserve list.

When trying to schedule an appointment in the full version of Damian OnLine that meets the criteria of the patient's reserve list, an appropriate message is presented. The functionality allows you to sign up for one reserve list within a given specialty. The Patient can have several lists for different specialties but not for several doctors within one specialty.

The functionality is available on both the main account and the linked profile.

Important information

  • For security reasons, if you do not take any action after logging into the system for 10 minutes, you will be automatically logged out of Damian Online.
  • If you enter the wrong password three times during the login procedure, you will be locked out of the system for security reasons. The account will be automatically unlocked after 15 minutes. Earlier unlocking is possible after contacting the Customer Service Center.
  • If you wish to cancel the Damian Online service, please submit a written request to the Customer Service Center at dak@damian.pl.
  • In order to reactivate your account, you should report to the reception desk of any Damian Medical Center with your ID card and undergo the registration procedure again.
  • Terms and conditions of access to Damian OnLine PL/EN
  • Damian Online Privacy Policy