EEG electroencephalography

Publication date: 26.08.2019

Description of the examination

The examination evaluates bioelectrical brain activity registered by the electrodes located on the surface of the head. Computer processes bioelectrical activity into graphics. The examination is performed in a supine position, with a special cap with registering electrodes worn on the head. The time of the examination depends on the type: examination when the patient is awake – 20 minutes, examination when the patient is asleep – 30 minutes from falling asleep, examination in a newborn and a baby – 60-90 minutes.

Preparation for the examination

  • Depending on the doctor’s orders, the examination can be performed when the patient is awake or asleep after a sleepless night, i.e. after sleep deprivation.
  • The patient should have a meal before, newborns and babies should be fed during falling asleep in EEG room.
  • The hair should be washed, without hairspray, gel, ornaments, dreads.
  • On the day of examination, the patient should take regular medication, other medication should not be taken 2 weeks before the examination.