Genetic tests

Publication date: 26.08.2021

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Hereditary cancers account for about 5-10% of all cases. For this reason, we offer 14 separate gene panels covering more than 30 tumor types found in more than 10 organs, plus one large, comprehensive, targeted panel of 54 genes associated with different types of cancer.

The test result allows estimating the risk of cancer from genetic causes. Determining the risk of developing a genetically determined tumor allows patients to take active measures for their health, including preventive measures and routine health check-ups.

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Who should be genetically tested?

Genetic tests are recommended for:

Genetic testing - who should do it

relatives of patients diagnosed with malignant tumors at a young age (before the age of 50)

Genetic testing - who should do it

cancer patients who want to check whether their disease has a genetic background

Genetic testing - who should do it

people with a strongly burdened family history of cancer

Types of offered panels of genetic tests

The following panels of genetic tests can be ordered at the Damiana Medical Center:

  • Comprehensive hereditary cancer panel (involving 54 gene across all organs)
  • Breast and ovarian cancer panel – BRCA1/BRCA2
  • Breast and ovarian cancer panel (core panel – 19 genes)
  • Breast and ovarian cancer panel (extended panel – 27 genes)
  • Colon cancer panel (core panel – 16 genes)
  • Colon cancer panel (extended panel – 21 genes)
  • Endocrine tumors panel (14 genes)
  • Gastrointestinal tumors panel (20 genes)
  • Pancreatic tumors panel (15 genes)
  • Kidney cancers panel (11 genes)
  • Skin tumors panel (14 genes)
  • Prostate cancer panel (11 genes)
  • Nervous system/brain tumors panel (14 genes)
  • Unspecific tumor syndromes panel (7 genes)
  • Fanconi anemia panel (22 genes)

Where to start?

Genetic testing - make an appointment

Call at 22 566 22 22 and book a consultation with a geneticist

Genetic testing - medical consultation

Physician will take your medical history and suggest a test the most suitable for you.

Genetic testing - taking a sample

Go to the blood collection point where nurses will take your blood and send a sample to the lab.

Genetic testing - results

Turnaround time is 15-25 working days, depending on the type of panel. Report will be delivered to you and your doctor by email.

In case of a positive result, consultation with a geneticist and psychologist is recommended.

Report – what is it like and what does it contain?

Based on the test performed on the sample taken from a patient, a diagnostic report is prepared summarizing the analysis of the sequencing results. Certain changes in DNA sequences (variants) can be harmful and eventually lead to cancer development.

The report indicates the presence of both pathogenic and possibly pathogenic variants, i.e., types of changes that may increase the likelihood of developing cancer from genetic causes.

However, it should be noted that if the test does not identify presence of any pathogenic variants of analyzed genes, this does not exclude the possibility of developing a sporadic malignant neoplasm.

The highest quality of service

Samples are sent to Medicover Genetics laboratories in Germany.

Medicover Genetics:

  • is currently the leader of genetic testing in Germany,
  • has a clinical team of scientists, doctors and clinical geneticists, including experts with over 20 years of experience in genetic research,
  • uses the latest diagnostic algorithms and genetic panels based on the latest scientific publications and international guidelines,
  • has experience in the analysis of genetic data to ensure that "not a single variant will be omitted",
  • uses the most modern sequencing technology and laboratory methods to shorten the duration of the test,
  • received EFI accreditation, EFI, DIN EN ISO 15189 accreditation for medical laboratories, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for testing and calibration laboratories and a certificate of Good Medical Practice (GMP).