Publication date: 14.08.2019

Gynaecological operations at the Damiana Hospital include both minor procedures performed under short-term intravenous anaesthesia as well as major therapeutic procedures. The possibility of intraoperative histopathological examination allows for the operation of patients whose condition may be associated with cancer.

We treat the problem of exercise urinary incontinence surgically. The TVT surgery (with the use of tension-free vaginal tape) completely eliminates all these unpleasant ailments.

We also deal with surgical treatment of genital organs prolapse. This problem affects a wide group of women (especially those who have had more than one delivery by natural forces).

Range of gynaecological procedures:

Surgeons: Krzysztof Kucharski MD, Krzysztof Pancześnik MD, Ewa Rogowiecka MD, Dominika Herlenius-Sawicka MD, Beata Borucka-RaczakMD:

  • curettage of uterus

Surgeons: Krzysztof Kucharsk MD:

  • uterus surgeries related to various degrees of genital organs prolapse
  • endometriosis surgeries

Surgeons: Krzysztof Kucharski MD, Krzysztof Pancześnik MD:

  • laparoscopic removal of a cyst/ovary
  • urinary incontinence surgeries
  • removal of uterus
  • hysteroscopies
  • surgeries of uterine fibroids