High frequency audiometry

Publication date: 26.08.2019

It happens that patients suffer from a hearing loss although their standard pure tone audiometry showed no irregularities. This is because these irregularities may also emerge with regard to high frequencies, i.e. between 8000 Hz and 16 000 hZ. The consequence is tinnitus, that is continual beeping, swooshing and ringing sensations. The basic and very effective diagnostic method is high-frequency audiometry. Warsaw is a place in which you can undergo such an examination.


The high-frequency audiometry in Warsaw performed in Damiana Hospital is a completely painless and non-invasive hearing test. The purpose of audiometry is ENT diagnostics, including examining loss of hearing.

The examination is performed in a soundproof cabin. Patients are given headphones and are required to press a button when they hear a high-frequency sound. The hearing test lasts about 20-30 minutes. Based on patients’ reactions, doctors evaluate high-frequency hearing abilities.  If the high-frequency audiometry shows hearing loss, doctors specify further procedures.


The high-frequency audiometry in Warsaw is intended for the following patients:

  • The ones who can hear swoosh – continual sounds which resemble beeping, hissing or cicada buzzing,
  • The ones who are exposed to noise impact – high-frequency audiometry (along with standard audiometry) is recommended as part of periodical hearing tests for employees who are exposed to noise which may lead to loss of hearing; thanks to both hearing tests, it is possible to evaluate whether the ear protection at work is sufficient.

This hearing test applies both to children (aged about 5, when they are able to cooperate with the doctor) and adults exposed to influence of hearing.