Holter ECG

Publication date: 26.08.2019

Description of the examination

ECG Holter can last up to 24-72 hours. ECG curve is registered through electrodes applied to the patient’s chest and saved on a disc in a recorder attached to the patient’s belt.
Blood pressure monitoring lasts 24 hours. Blood pressure measurements are performed automatically in scheduled time periods with a cuff put on the patient’s arm. Blood pressure values are saved on a recorder, which is attached to the patient’s belt.

Preparation for the examination

  • Shaving the chest before ECG Holter.
  • RR Holter does not require any special preparation.
  • The examination should be carried out during normal daily activities.
  • The examination does not restrict normal activity (except the necessity to straighten the arm when the blood pressure is being taken).
    During both examinations, you should be careful not to wet the monitoring and registering equipment.
  • The patient should on the day of examination write a diary where s/he writes down the name of the medicine, the hour of taking it, and all untypical situations (e.g. stress).