Private hospital in Warsaw

Publication date: 15.06.2020
Private hospital in Warsaw

Was your surgery postponed or cancelled? Reschedule today – don’t risk your health. Damiana Hospital is open and ready to serve you.

Damiana Hospital and Clinics are at your service – We have been serving your health needs in the Warsaw area for over 25 years – and we’re here for you today!

The Damiana Hospital was opened in 1994 as the first private hospital in Warsaw. It is located at Wałbrzyska 46. It is a modern facility – here, we care for the patients who need surgical treatment. We offer procedures both on a fee-for-service, NFZ reimbursement basis and throughout your private health insurance coverage (click here for more details).

At the Damiana Hospital, we perform surgical procedures (more than 3,000 each year) in the following fields:

as well as outpatient procedures (approx. 8,000 each year). We also provide a wide range of treatment and specialist consultations in the field of aesthetic medicine.

For all hospitalisation issues and information contact our help department

They can:

  • Provide info about surgery,
  • Present procedures, costs and hospital stay information,
  • Guide you through all formalities from surgery, through hospitalization to recovery.

Care departement is aviable for you from Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 16.00:

What makes us different?
One-day surgeries at the Damiana Hospital
Longer hospitalisation
Minor emergency room
Comprehensive health screening
Admission to the Damiana Hospital
Ethics Committee
Corruption can seriously damage your health

What makes us different?

  • Modern medical equipment
  • Individual approach
  • Safety and comfort of patients

Hospital equipment

Our hospital has modern and safe medical and diagnostic equipment.

In the operating theatre, with the help of the C-arm, we perform procedures that require intraoperative X-ray imaging. We cooperate with the largest manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment, including implants used in orthopaedic surgeries. This gives our patients the confidence that medical material will be optimally selected for their needs as well as their safety.

Our diagnostic departments:

  • CT
  • X-ray
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy

In 2018, the Endoscopy Laboratory at the Damiana Hospital was modernised. Over 6,000 examinations are performed here annually – and the majority of them are conducted re under short general anaesthesia. The Endoscopy Laboratory uses high-class equipment for endosonographic examination of the digestive tract, the so-called EUS (endoscopic ultrasound).

Individual approach and safety and comfort of patients

At Damiana Hospital each patient is treated with individual medical care right from the contact to relief from the hospital. During the appointment, the doctor will provide you with detailed informations on the method of performing any recommended procedures as well as preparation for the procedure, preparation for the procedure and additional examinations and/or tests to be carried out in advance.

One-day surgeries at the Damiana Hospital

In 2004 Damiana Hospital established the day surgery-care department to accomodate short-term procedures. This ward has two rooms: one with two beds and the other with three beds, plus additional four beds in the supervision room for patients after endoscopic procedures.

The patients stay at the Day Care Department from just a few to 24 hours. The patients after surgeries under local anaesthesia in the fields of hand surgery, gynaecology (minor procedures), laryngology (tonsil removal surgery in children, CELON) and ophthalmology (cataract removal surgery by phacoemulsification) are hospitalised there. There is also an endoscopy laboratory at the Day Care Department – it performs examinations as gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, endsoscopic ultrasound of the digestive tract (EUS).

At the patient's request and without any medical contraindications, these procedures can be performed under short-term general anaesthesia.

Longer hospitalisation

We also perform procedures that require a longer stay in the hospital. This concerns mainly orthopaedic surgeries (hip and knee endoprosthesis), oncological surgeries and plastic surgery procedures. For patients who had orthopaedic surgeries, rehabilitation is available immediately after the procedure.

Minor emergency room

The Admissions Desk at the Damiana Hospital is the right choice when you need to get advice from an internist or surgeon in case of a sudden illness.

Emergency medical services are available through the Admissions Desk seven days a week – Monday to Friday 07:30-21:00, on Saturday 08:00-20:00 and on Sundays 08:00-16:00.

The hospital admissions are available from 07:00 to 20:00.

For patients with Damiana Medical Centre subscriptions, emergency services are available Monday through Sunday from 21:00 to 08:00 at the Medicover Hospital in Warsaw at Al. Rzeczypospolitej 5.

Comprehensive health screening

Moreover, we also offer a comprehensive review of the health condition in 24 hours, including specialist consultations, laboratory tests, imaging diagnostics, endoscopic examinations and additional diagnostics (if needed).

Admission to the Damiana Hospital

Registration of patients to the Diagnostics and Treatment Department and the Day Care Department takes place in the Admissions of the Damiana Medical Centre at Wałbrzyska 46 according to the date and time previously set by our doctor.

Our Ethics Committee

Patient's well-being is the greatest value

The Damiana Medical Centre has an Ethics Committee. Its aim is to set high ethical standards for Damiana Medical Centre employees and partners. These standards are applied in practice to serve our mission: Health and safety of our patients based on many years of experience and the highest standards in the treatment process.

Patients can report any ethics-related issues to the Ethics Committee via the Damiana Medical Centre staff or by e-mail to

We support anti-corruption in our society

The Damiana Medical Centre Hospital has joined the anti-corruption programme. The activities of the hospital comply with the assumptions of the programme developed by the Ministry of Health and the Healthcare Quality Monitoring Centre.

To read more about the programme, please visit:

  • Medical Director of the Damiana Hospital: Jacek Walewski MD PhD
  • Head Nurse: Urszula Strzelczyk MSN