Centrum Rehabilitacji Nowolipie

The Damian Medical Center operates a rehabilitation outpatient clinic at 18 Nowolipie St. The Rehabilitation Center is located in close proximity to one of Warsaw's major transportation routes, which allows quick access by various means of public transport (buses, streetcars, subway).

The head of the rehabilitation clinic of the Damian Medical Center is Małgorzata Osiecka, MA.

The coordinator of the team of physiotherapists at the Rehabilitation Center is Jacek Jarosiński, MA.

Our team of physiotherapists performs treatments mainly in the field of physical therapy, kinesitherapy and manual therapy, focusing on the treatment of orthopedic and neurological ailments. (including spinal diseases, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis). We also provide rehabilitation after injuries and sports rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation Center is a place where rehabilitation for children is also provided, including pediatric kinesitherapy and neurological rehabilitation using the NDT Bobath method.

The rehabilitation clinic also provides classes for pregnant women, exercises for seniors and classes to correct postural defects in children and adolescents.

Each rehabilitation class is preceded by a detailed interview regarding the patient's health condition, existing injuries, past illnesses and contraindications to the selected method.


Centrum Rehabilitacji Nowolipie

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Centrum Rehabilitacji Nowolipie
Nowolipie 18 01-005 Warszawa
22 566 22 22
Mon - Fri08:00-20:00