MindHealth Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego - Nowolipie

In MindHealth Centre we offer the professional help of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, and sexologists. We provide consultations, diagnosis, and therapy for adults and children.

We help solve problems like:

  • professional burnout,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • addictions,
  • depression,
  • geriatric diseases,
  • sleep disorders
  • bipolar affective disorder.


Children and teenagers can count on the professional treatment of depression, developmental, anxiety, adaptation disorders, learning difficulties, behavior issues. We help to control emotions and cope with shyness.


Located in capitals downtown, MindHealth Center can be easily reached by our patients. We have numerous parking spots in front of the center. The building is adapted for people with disabilities.


Head of Psychology and Psychiatry - Sylwia Rozbicka.


MindHealth Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego - Nowolipie

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MindHealth Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego - Nowolipie
Nowolipie 18 01-005 Warszawa
22 566 22 24
Mon - Fri08:00-20:00