NFZ financed medical care

Publication date: 13.08.2019
NFZ operations

Damiana Medical Centre has signed a contract with NFZ (Polish National Healthcare System) for procedures and diagnostic tests performed during one-day inpatient stays.

All procedures within NFZ contract are free of charge.

  • Come to the centre: Damiana Medical Centre, ul. Wałbrzyska 46.
  • Registration and information about our services: +48 (22) 566 22 22

Range of services

  • General surgery (i.a. hernias, lower limb varices surgeries, cholecystectomy, endosonography - EUS);
  • Plastic surgery (for example carpal tunnel surgery, hernias with mesh).

Qualification for surgeries

Referrals from all doctors are accepted for procedures and surgeries in general surgery.

If a patient has a referral to a hospital from a state institution, private clinic or private doctor’s surgery, we invite him/her to Damian Medical Centre for a free of charge consultation qualifying for the surgery. If a patient does not have a referral to the hospital, but would like to undergo a procedure within NFZ contract in Damiana Medical Centre, he/she can arrange a payable visit in Damiana Medical Centre to obtain a hospital referral. This will be a visit qualifying for the procedure.