Primary Healthcare

Publication date: 21.09.2020 ,Update date: 14.02.2023

Primary Healthcare (Polish: Podstawowa Opieka Zdrowotna, POZ) is a part of the health care system that provides access to comprehensive care services at the place of residence.

You can now register at Damian Medical Center and use free medical services, including physician or pediatrician consultations, unlimited access to nursing services, and telephone consultations. We also offer a one-time 50% discount for consultation with a specialty doctor. 

Our Primary Healthcare clinics in Warsaw and Piaseczno:

cmd lazurowa

Damian Medical CenterLazurowa

ul. Lazurowa 71a,

cmd zjednoczenia

Damian Medical Center Zjednoczenia

Aleja Zjednoczenia 36,

CMD Bażantarnia

Damian Medical CenterPrzy Bażantarni

ul. Przy Bażantarni 8b,


Damian Medical Center Kolejowa

ul. Kolejowa 1,

cmd piaseczno

Damian Medical Center Piaseczno

ul. Puławska 42b,


Benefits of Primary Healthcare in the Damiana Medical Center in Warsaw

Primary Healthcare (Polish: Podstawowa Opieka Zdrowotna) is a part of the health care system in Poland that provides free access to essential medical services. Primary health care within the National Protection Fund is available to all foreigners working or studying in Poland. Medical care includes diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, and nursing services.

poz warszawa

Modern facilieties
in convenient locations
in Warsaw and Piaseczno;;

podstawowa opieka zdrowotna warszawa

Modern diagnostic;
(USG, EKG, X-ray);

podstawowa opieka zdrowotna warszawa

A spacious corner
for our
youngest patients;


Free First Contact Teleplatform,
where you can get necessary medical consultation
on weekends and holidays.


POZ w Warszawie

What services can you get at Damiana Medical Center?

As part of primary care, we offer more than just the services of a family doctor or nurse. You and your loved ones can also get completely free:

POZ w Warszawie - szybki kontakt z lekarzem

physician or pediatric consultation in our center or by phone

POZ w Warszawie - opieka pielęgniarki

unlimited nursing service

POZ w Warszawie - konsultacje i telekonsultacje

unlimited number of visits to the physician and pediatrician

POZ w Warszawie - badania diagnostyczne

referrals for free diagnostic tests (ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography) and coronavirus tests

POZ w Warszawie - zwolnienia

sick leave in case of illness

POZ w Warszawie - dostęp do szczepień

free compulsory vaccinations for children and adults

POZ w Warszawie - e-recepty

prescriptions for drugs (including reimbursed drugs)

POZ w Warszawie - 50% zniżki na 1 konsultację specjalisty

50% one-time discount for a consultation with a specialty doctor at the Damian Medical Center

POZ w Warszawie - skierowania do poradni

referrals to a specialist NHF clinic

POZ w Warszawie - transport sanitarny

medical transport

POZ w Warszawie - skierowanie do sanatorium

referrals for free hospital treatment and rehabilitation under the National Health Fund

POZ w Warszawie - 5% zniżki na zabieg

5% one-time discount for the procedure at the Damian Hospital

POZ w Warszawie - porady patronażowe

postpartum consultations and check-ups for children and adolescents

POZ w Warszawie - wydawanie orzeczeń

medical decisions and health certificates

POZ w Warszawie - deklaracje on-line

on-line access to e-prescriptions, e-referrals, test results

POZ w Warszawie - deklaracje on-line

on-line application

POZ w Warszawie - możliwość zapisania całej rodziny

visits for the whole family

How to sign up for free medical care?

To become our patient and use free primary care services, you have to submit a completed application. You can do it online or at the reception of any of our centers.

1. Submit application at Damian Online

You can sign a submitted declaration with a trusted profile. Your application will be active from 12.00 the next business day. 


2. Submit application at Patient Portal

You can log in to a trusted profile (Profil Zaufany) using your internet banking. When applying, choose Damian Medical Center and then a physician or pediatrician and a nurse.


3. Submit your application at the reception of any Damiana Medical Center in Warsaw:.


Submitting the application is free of charge. You can download the English version here, but please remember to submit your application in Polish. 

It is necessary to submit 2 applications for the services of a physician and a nurse, or a pediatrician and a nurse. Submitting one declaration could interfere with the nursing procedures during the visit. 

What are POZ and NFZ?

The public health system in Poland is funded mainly by the National Health Fund (NFZ). Medical care financed by NFZ is divided into 3 types:

  • Primary health care (POZ) - includes consultations with a family doctor, general practitioner, pediatrician, tests, the help of nurses and midwives;
  • Specialized outpatient care (AOS) - provided in specialized departments (eg, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, etc.), which have a contract with the National Health Fund;
  • Hospital care - medical help in case of emergencies, life-threatening events and planned operations.

Damian Medical Center has a contract with the National Health Fund and provides:

  • Basic medical care;
  • free tests, procedures, and operations within the National Health Fund.

Who can use free medical care services?

All foreigners working or studying in Poland are covered by compulsory insurance from the National Health Fund (NFZ) and have access to free primary care services.

You can register your family members (spouse, children, grandparents living in the same household with the insured person) with the National Health Fund.

What is the role of a
primary care physician?

A primary care physician - is a family doctor, therapist, or pediatrician.  Usually, PCH is our first point of contact when we start having health problems

PCH role:

  • examines the patient,
  • gives referrals for tests (eg, ECG, ultrasound, X-ray), another specialist or hospital,
  • gives referrals for health resorts and for rehabilitation treatment
  • decides whether the patient need medical transport,
  • provides postpartum consultations
  • conduct health check-ups of children and adolescents,
  • issues health decisions and medical certificates
  • responsible for compulsory vaccinations for children and adolescents

The primary care physician also gives a referral for vaccination against COVID-19.

When should you see your primary care doctor?

 If you experience any of these symptoms, make an appointment with the doctor:

  • cold, runny nose, cough,
  • fever,
  • weakness,
  • high or low blood pressure, heart rate
  • headaches, abdominal and lower abdominal pain, joint pain, back pain, ear pain,
  • sciatica,
  • getting tired quickly,
  • dizziness,
  • bladder problems, burning sensation when urinating, or frequent urination
  • constipation or diarrhea,
  • hair loss, brittle nails,
  • nosebleed,
  • skin changes, rash, itching,
  • thickening under the skin,
  • easy bruising,
  • lack of appetite or increased appetite,
  • sweating,
  • thirst,
  • sleepiness,
  • concentration difficulties

Primary care nurse

Primary Healthcare services also include preventive care provided by a nurse. This includes preventive, therapeutic, diagnostic, nursing and rehabilitation services, such as:

  • postpartum visits in the 3rd and 4th month of age,
  • screening tests at 12 months of age and at the age of 2, 4, and 5,
  • providing injections and treatments based on orders from primary care physicians and collecting material for diagnostic tests, including at the patient's home.

Basic information

  • Free Primary Healthcare within the National Health Fund is available at the Medical Centre in Warsaw (36 Zjednoczenia st.) and in Piaseczno (42B Puławska st). Services are provided Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.
  • Services are provided in the field of general medicine, family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics as part of outpatient healthcare.
  • Services are provided on the basis of a declaration submitted to Damian Medical Centre for selecting a primary care physician and nurse.
  • Services of a primary care physician are provided without a referral.
  • Patients may change the healthcare provider or primary care physician free of charge no more than twice per calendar year. Any subsequent changes carry a fee of PLN 80.
  • Patients may change their healthcare provider or primary care physician free of charge if they change their place of residence or the selected primary care physician or nurse has ceased to provide services.
  • There is also no fee for patients whose primary care physician is a doctor with 1st or 2nd-degree specialization, or if the patient has reached 18 years of age and the doctor is a pediatrician.
  • Once the patient turns 18 years of age, declarations made by his/her legal guardian on their behalf remain valid until another primary care physician is selected.
  • Services are provided on the day of request in medically justified situations. In the case of chronic diseases, a continuation of treatment, and when the visit to the clinic does not require medical assistance, services are provided on a date agreed with the patient.
  • If a patient suddenly falls ill or their health condition deteriorates while away from home (e.g. on a business trip, holiday or while visiting family), they can take advantage of free healthcare services from another health care provider (other than the one indicated in the declaration) who has a signed agreement with the National Health Fund.

Confirmation of the right to benefits

The right to benefits is confirmed on the date of the service through the E-WUŚ system or another document confirming the right to benefits, and if this is not possible, by submitting an appropriate declaration of entitlement to benefits as specified by the Ministry of Health. The right to benefits of a child up to 3 months of age, who has not yet received their own PESEL number, is confirmed by the PESEL number of the child's parent or guardian.


As part of Primary Healthcare, patients have the option of using telephone advice.

During the teleconsultation, the doctor may issue:

According to the guidelines of the National Health Fund regarding telemedicine consultations, tele-advice should not concern:

  • children up to 6 years of age (exception is a follow-up consultation during the treatment that was agreed during a stationary visit (e.g prescription of a drug for a continuation of treatment, issuance of a certificate based on documentation from previous visits)
  • the first visit to a PHC,
  • consultation in connection with a chronic disease in the course of which there was a deterioration or change in symptoms,
  • situation related to the suspected cancer.

Patients (including children under 6 years of age) suspected of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 are excluded.

The NHF facility provides a possibility of stationary visits to people with suspected SARS-CoV-2 as well as patients, after making arrangements in the form of tele-advice.

Night and holiday healthcare services

Night and holiday healthcare services are primary care services provided from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 8:00 the following day and 24 hours a day on public holidays. Patients may seek help from any night and holiday healthcare point in the event of sudden illness or deterioration of health - regardless of the place of stay and the submitted declaration. The doctor on duty provides services:

  • on an outpatient basis,
  • at the patient's home (in medically justified cases),
  • by phone.

Night and holiday healthcare services are available in the following situations:

  • sudden illness;
  • sudden deterioration of health, but if there are no symptoms suggesting a threat to life or significant health impairment, and the over-the-counter drugs or home remedies did not bring relief;
  • if waiting for the clinic to open may have a significant adverse effect on the patient's health.

Places where night and holiday health care services are provided in Warsaw

The nearest location where night and holiday healthcare services are provided is:

  • Bielański Hospital at 80 Cegłowska st., Warsaw - Bielany, tel. (22) 569-01-84

Places where night and holiday health care services are provided in Piaseczno

  • St. Anna's Hospital in Piaseczno, 39 Mickiewicza st., phone: (22) 735 41 08
  • Masovian Rehabilitation Center Stocer in Konstancin-Jeziorna, 40/42 Długa st., phone: (22) 888 29 20 21

Other locations can be found using the search engine:

First Contact Teleplatform

If you feel that your symptoms are getting worse outside the working hours of primary care doctor, you may also call a free nationwide helpline - First Contact Teleplatform. By calling this number you will get necessary medical advice from a doctor or nurse.

How to use FCT?

Call the free, nationwide number: 800 137 200

When is FCT available?

  •      From Monday to Friday, from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m.
  •      On weekends and holidays 24 hours a day.

Who can use FCT?

Teleplatform is available to people insured in Poland (calls from abroad are not supported).

Which languages are available?

Consultations are provided in the following languages:

  •      Polish,
  •      English,
  •      Russian
  •      Ukrainian,
  •      sign language 

Additional information

Complaints and requests

  • orally to an employee of Centrum Medyczne Damiana Holding sp. Z o.o.,
  • in writing, by traditional mail or via a form available at the reception desk or online,
  • by phone at 22 566 22 22,
  • by email to:

The processing time for service complaints is 7 business days, and for medical complaints - 14 business days. These deadlines may be extended for substantive reasons. If a complaint is filed on behalf of a relative, the Damian Medical Centre contacts the patient in order to confirm the complaint and collect any additional necessary information. The Masovian Regional Office of the NHF processes complaints and requests sent as follows:

  • by post to the following address: 00-613 Warszawa, ul. Chałubińskiego 8
  • to the email address:
  • via the ePUAP platform (mailbox address: /016ndson16/skrytka)
  • by fax at 22 582 84 21

Medical transport within PHC

Medical transport within PHC is handled by the Regional Emergency Services and Medical Transport Station "Meditrans", 22 Poznańska St., 00-685 Warsaw.

Medical transport as part of PHC in Piaseczno is provided by Luxury Medical Care, tel. (22) 257 27 25, or 603 362 342

Transports may be requested by phone (22) 843-58-16 and (22) 853-21-89 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. Transport is provided on the basis of a referral from a primary care physician.

NHF 24h telephone hotline

The hotline provides the following information:

  • healthcare services provided by other healthcare providers who have concluded an agreement with the Masovian branch of the National Health Fund,
  • average waiting time for appointments,
  • the first available appointment date.

The above information can be obtained by writing to the email address:

X-ray examinations

Patients with a referral from a primary care physician for a radiological examination can perform it at Damian Medical Centre on 3/5 Foksal st. in Warsaw. This examination does not require an appointment.

Patients enrolled for PHC in Piaseczno can undergo an examination at the Damian Medical Center in Piaseczno on 42B Puławska St.

Facilities for people with disabilities

The building has an elevator and toilet suitable for people with disabilities.

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