NHF Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare (PHC) is part of the healthcare system that allows eligible persons to use health care services in the area where they live. Services are provided on an outpatient basis and at the patient's home - in medically justified cases. Basic health care services are provided at Damian Medical Centre at al. Zjednoczenia 36.

Only people insured through the National Health Fund can register to use Primary Healthcare services. Check if you are covered by NHF insurance at: https://www.zus.pl/pue

Benefits of using PHC services at Damian Medical Centre

Patients who chose a primary care physician at Damian Medical Centre have access to efficient free services under the National Health Fund:

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

visits with an internist or paediatrician Monday to Friday 8:00 -18:00

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

teleconsultations with an internist or paediatrician (especially recommended in the case of symptoms such as: fever, cough, runny nose, muscle aches or sore throat, the request can then be submitted via the website: https://pacjent.gov.pl/)

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

referrals to a specialist NHF clinic

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

referrals to hospital, health resort or for rehabilitation treatment

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

access to mandatory preventive vaccinations

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

referrals for free diagnostic tests

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

issuing prescriptions for drugs (including reimbursed drugs)

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

issuing medical decisions and health certificates

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

ordering medical transport

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

postpartum consultations and check-ups for children and adolescents

Podstawowa opieka zdrowotna NFZ

nursing care

In addition, each patient registered with Primary Healthcare at Damian Medical Centre receives an additional 50% discount for a one-time consultation with a specialist doctor and a 5% discount for a surgical procedure.

What is the role of a primary care physician?

A primary care physician is usually the first doctor we go to when we start having health problems. He or she examines us, makes decisions and, if necessary, orders further diagnostics (laboratory, imaging and non-imaging tests - ECG, USG, X-ray), or refers to another specialist or a hospital. A primary care physician may also refer patients to health resorts and for rehabilitation treatment. In addition, they deal with preventive health (e.g. preventing cardiovascular diseases) and decide whether the patient qualifies for medical transport. The doctor provides postpartum consultations and check-ups for children and adolescents, as well as issues medical decisions and health certificates.

The primary care physician is also responsible for protective vaccinations, including for children and adolescents. The current vaccination schedule is available for download HERE [PL].

Primary care nurse

Primary Healthcare services also include preventive care provided by a nurse. This includes preventive, therapeutic, diagnostic, nursing and rehabilitation services, such as:

  • postpartum visits in the 3rd and 4th month of age,
  • screening tests at 12 months of age and at the age of 2, 4 and 5,
  • providing injections and treatments based on orders from primary care physicians and collecting material for diagnostic tests, including at the patient's home.

Primary Healthcare declarations

In order to become our patient and use our Primary Healthcare (PHC) services, you must submit a completed declaration at the registration desk of any Damian Medical Centre.

You can download the declarations from our website or pick them up at the registration desk of any Damian Medical Centre.

Declaration - internist [PL]
Declaration - paediatrician [PL]
Declaration - nurse [PL]

Submitting the declaration is free of charge. Before submitting the declaration, it is not necessary for the patient to sign off from the previous facility where he or she used Primary Healthcare services.

You may also submit the declaration electronically via the Online Patient Account (OPA). Just fill out the appropriate application and sign it with a Trusted Profile or a qualified signature. You can create an account at www.pacjent.gov.pl. Available soon.

How to submit the declaration online? Download the instructions [PL].

Basic information

  • Free Primary Healthcare within the National Health Fund is available at the Medical Centre at Al. Zjednoczenia 36. Services are provided Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.
  • Services are provided in the field of general medicine, family medicine, internal medicine and paediatrics as part of outpatient healthcare.
  • Services are provided on the basis of a declaration submitted to Damian Medical Centre for selecting a primary care physician and nurse.
  • Services of a primary care physician are provided without a referral.
  • Patients may change the healthcare provider or primary care physician free of charge no more than twice per calendar year. Any subsequent changes carry a fee of PLN 80.
  • Patients may change their healthcare provider or primary care physician free of charge if they change their place of residence or the selected primary care physician or nurse has ceased to provide services.
  • There is also no fee for patients whose primary care physician is a doctor with 1st or 2nd degree specialisation, or if the patient has reached 18 years of age and the doctor is a paediatrician.
  • Once the patient turns 18 years of age, declarations made by his/her legal guardian on their behalf remain valid until another primary care physician is selected.
  • Services are provided on the day of request in medically justified situations. In the case of chronic diseases, continuation of treatment and when the visit to the clinic does not require medical assistance, services are provided on a date agreed with the patient.
  • If a patient suddenly falls ill or their health condition deteriorates while away from home (e.g. on a business trip, holiday or while visiting family), they can take advantage of free healthcare services from another health care provider (other than the one indicated in the declaration) who has a signed agreement with the National Health Fund.

Confirmation of the right to benefits

The right to benefits is confirmed on the date of the service through the E-WUŚ system or another document confirming the right to benefits, and if this is not possible, by submitting an appropriate declaration of entitlement to benefits as specified by the Ministry of Health.

The right to benefits of a child up to 3 months of age, who has not yet received their own PESEL number, is confirmed by the PESEL number of the child's parent or guardian.

What types of tests/examinations can a primary care physician refer a patient for?

If the primary care physician determines that, based on the patient's health condition, consultation or treatment with a specialist doctor is necessary, or it is necessary to perform a diagnostic test - they will issue an appropriate referral.

List of tests that may be ordered by a PCP

The patient has no right to request a referral from the primary care physician for an appointment with a specialist, tests or to a hospital. It is up to the doctor to issue such a referral, based on the patient's state of health and current medical knowledge.

Additional information

Complaints and requests

Patients have the right to submit complaints in the following ways:

  • orally to an employee of Centrum Medyczne Damiana Holding sp. Z o.o.,
  • in writing, by traditional mail or via a form available at the reception desk or online,
  • by phone at 22 566 22 22,
  • by email to: reklamacje@damian.pl

The processing time for service complaints is 7 business days, and for medical complaints - 14 business days. These deadlines may be extended for substantive reasons. If a complaint is filed on behalf of a relative, the Damian Medical Centre contacts the patient in order to confirm the complaint and collect any additional necessary information.

The Masovian Regional Office of the NHF processes complaints and requests sent as follows:

  • by post to the following address: 00-613 Warszawa, ul. Chałubińskiego 8
  • to the email address: kancelaria@nfz-warszawa.pl
  • via the ePUAP platform (mailbox address: /016ndson16/skrytka)
  • by fax at 22 582 84 21

Night and holiday healthcare services

Night and holiday healthcare services are primary care services provided Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 8:00 the following day and 24 hours a day on public holidays.

Patients may seek help from any night and holiday healthcare point in the event of sudden illness or deterioration of health - regardless of the place of stay and the submitted declaration.

The doctor on duty provides services:

  • on an outpatient basis,
  • at the patient's home (in medically justified cases),
  • by phone.

Night and holiday healthcare services are available in the following situations:

  • sudden illness;
  • sudden deterioration of health, but if there are no symptoms suggesting a threat to life or significant health impairment, and the over-the-counter drugs or home remedies did not bring relief;
  • if waiting for the clinic to open may have a significant adverse effect on the patient's health.

Locations of night and holiday healthcare services

The nearest location where night and holiday healthcare services are provided is:

  • Bielański Hospital at ul. Cegłowska 80, Warsaw - Bielany, tel. (22) 569-01-84

Other locations can be found using the search engine: https://zip.nfz.gov.pl/GSL/GSL/PomocNocna

Medical transport within PHC

Medical transport within PHC is handled by the Regional Emergency Services and Medical Transport Station "Meditrans", ul. Poznańska 22, 00-685 Warsaw.

Transports may be requested by phone at (22) 843-58-16 and (22) 853-21-89 Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. Transport is provided on the basis of a referral from a primary care physician.

NHF 24h telephone hotline

The hotline provides the following information:

  • healthcare services provided by other healthcare providers who have concluded an agreement with the Masovian branch of the National Health Fund,
  • average waiting time for appointments,
  • the first available appointment date.

The above information can be obtained by writing to the email address: tip@nfz.gov.pl.

X-ray examinations

Patients with a referral from a primary care physician for a radiological examination can perform it at Damian Medical Centre, ul. Foksal 3/5 in Warsaw. This examination does not require an appointment.

Facilities for the disabled

The building has a disabled lift and toilet.