Oncological surgery

Publication date: 15.06.2020
onkologia szpital damiana

At the Damiana Hospital we also perform oncological surgery procedures. The doctors cooperating with the Damiana Medical Centre are high-class specialists in this field, mainly from the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. Postoperative histopathological diagnostic tests are done at the Department of Pathomorphology of the Oncology Centre and at the Department of Pathomorphology of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Hospital.

The team of oncologists cooperating with the Damiana Medical Centre specialises in the following fields of oncology:

  • treatment of breast cancer
  • thyroid cancer treatment
  • treatment of skin cancers
  • biopsies
  • cytological and surgical diagnostics of lymphatic system/lymph node diseases

Range of oncological procedures and surgeries:

Surgeons: Tomasz Majewski MD:

  • lymph node removal surgeries
  • lymph node biopsies, incl. sentinel lymph node
  • mastectomies

Surgeons: Tomasz Majewski MD:

  • mastectomies with simultaneous breast reconstruction
  • skin cancer excision plus plastic surgery or transplantation

Surgeons: Elżbieta Stachlewska-Nasfeter MD PhD, Jacek Gałczyński MD:

  • thyroid surgeries
  • thyroid surgeries incl. laryngeal nerve neuromonitoring