Paediatric surgery

Publication date: 15.06.2020
chirurgia dziecieca

In our hospital children can also have surgical procedures. The procedures and surgeries dedicated to our youngest patients are mainly in the area of urology (plus some more).

Range of paediatric surgeries:

Surgeons: Jerzy Michalak MD PhD, Krystyna Strulak MD PhD, Prof. Ewa Sawicka MD PhD Hab:

  • circumcision
  • vulva separation
  • plastic surgery of phimosis
  • undescended testicle repair surgery (cryptorchidism)
  • hydrocele testis surgery
  • excision of small skin lesions: moles (nevi), sebaceous cysts, keloidal scars, warts)
  • inguinal hernia
  • umbilical hernia

Surgeons: Krystyna Strulak MD PhD:

  • hypospadias (scrotal and penoscrotal)

Surgeons: Prof. Ewa Sawicka MD PhD Hab:

  • variocele surgery