Publication date: 26.08.2019

Rectoscopy is an endoscopy of rectum with a stiff, disposable tube.

Description of the examination:

The examination is performed in knee and elbow position. First stage includes anus observation, the second is a digital rectal exam and third – insertion of a tube into the rectum. During endoscopy rectal mucosa is assessed. Samples are taken from lesions.


  • Bleeding from the anus
  • Pain in anus area
  • Defecation abnormalities
  • Change of stool shape (pencil thin stools)
  • Feeling urge to defecate

Contraindications for the examination:

  • Peritonitis
  • Suspicion of bowel perforation
  • Severe disorders of heart and lungs;
  • Blood coagulation disorders;
  • Pregnancy from the 3rd month
  • Lack of cooperation with the patient

Preparation for the examination

Enema should be performed 2-3 hours before the examination. Ready-made, disposable kits are available in the pharmacy over the counter. It is not recommended to take laxatives orally.