Rehabilitation for the Active

Publication date: 09.08.2019

Damiana Rehabilitation Centre is a place friendly for active people who practise sport every day. We encourage you to use the treatments which will prepare you to intensified physical activity, improve your fitness and help you regenerate your muscles after a difficult training.

Sports rehabilitation after injuries

Damiana Rehabilitation Centre offers rehabilitation services after sports injuries, including:

  • after joint sprain;
  • after bone fractures and their fixation;
  • after muscle and ligament sprain;
  • after joint arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction;
  • in the painful shoulder syndrome;
  • tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow;
  • jumper’s knee;
  • after serious bruising;
  • after removal of a plaster cast;
  • during major overload of the motor system and in the presence of pain.

Manual therapy: massage sessions for athletes

Manual therapy involves detailed diagnostics of the motor organ and manual intervention of a therapist to eliminate the cause of pain. Combined with sports massage, it is an effective method for preventing injuries resulting from muscle strain. 

Our manual therapy services include sport massage sessions. It is a perfect solution after intensive training, as it eradicates sore and strained muscles, as well as regenerates the body after physical effort.

Additionally, as a pre-training warming-up technique, sports massage offers perfect preparation before physical effort or competition. It is also administered for therapeutic and regenerative purposes, as it supports the treatment of joints.

Sports massage is intended for individuals who actively participate in sport. It helps to eliminate muscle soreness as well as removes muscle strain and regenerates the body after physical effort. It has warming, regenerative and therapeutic functions.

Sports rehabilitation - physiotherapy for runners

Poor running technique may negatively affect our body. Sports rehabilitation for runners allows for quick fitness recovery in the case of athletes who want to quickly recover from their injuries or increase their physical capacities.

Sports kinesiotaping

Sports kinesiotaping is used for reducing pain and oedema, as well as for achieving better joint stability. Due to the variety of effects, it can be applied immediately after injury as well as throughout the convalescence and recovery periods. It is an ideal solution for individuals who experience pain and discomfort during physical effort. It also protects against another injury during challenging training sessions, marathons and half-marathons. As it reduces pain and helps to achieve better results, kinesiotaping makes it possible for athletes to take part in competitions.