The long and extensive experience of the medical team, the professionalism of the nursing care and the cutting-edge surgical methods are the greatest assets we possess. The safety and comfort of the Patient are a priority for us.

Our patients can receive a wide range of operations and procedures in general surgery. Damian Hospital performs, amongst others:

  • Appendectomy
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy
  • Monolateral inguinal hernia
  • Umbilical hernia surgery
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Hernia of linea alba
  • Scrotal hernia
  • Recurrent or postoperative hernia
  • Hiatal hernia - laparoscopy
  • Classic cholecystectomy
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • Partial colectomy
  • Abdominoperineal surgery
  • Subtotal thyroidectomy
  • Total strumectomy
  • Endoscopic perforator surgery
  • Varicose veins of the limbs
  • Lower limb varices with mini phlebectomy and saphenectomy methods
  • Varicose veins in the anus
  • Resection of a posterior crypt
  • Anal cleft
  • Anal fistula
  • Resection of a hair-derived cyst
  • Incision of abscess
  • Lipoma resection