Publication date: 15.06.2020

Just a quick phone call away!

  • Need a medical question answered? Speak with a Doctor today
  • Have a prescription that must be renewed? We can handle it over the phone.

Call Damian Medical Center today and speak with an English-speaking team member: + 48 22 566 22 22 from 7.00 till 21.00.

Damian Hospital and Clinics are at your service – We have been serving your health needs in the Warsaw area for over 25 years – and we’re here for you today!

Very fast appointment days and times now available for all types of English - speaking surgeons and doctors from internists to specialists to meet your needs.

Telemedicine provides quick access to medical and psychological consultations regardless of the distance between the specialist and the patient. Its purpose is to improve and facilitate patient care, and thus improve the results of treatment. During a telemedical consultation, patients can obtain e-prescriptions or e-leaves. And all without leaving home.

As part of telemedicine, we offer the following forms of contact:

Now, we have new lower prices:

PLN 100 for teleconsultations with a paediatrician or internist

from PLN 135 for teleconsultations with other doctors

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If you need an in-person visit after the teleconsultation, you will pay only 50% for it. Find out more

Telemedicine for private clients

If you do not have a medical subscription or health insurance, you can book a telephone consultation by calling +48 22 566 22 22:

  • Mon - Fri 07.00 - 21.00
  • Sat 07.00 - 20.00
  • Sun 08.00 - 20.00

Telemedicine for subscription patients

If you have health insurance or a medical subscription, you can book a telephone consultation Monday to Friday from 8.00-20.00 by calling +48 22 566 22 71 or +48 22 566 22 72.

English-speaking doctors and other specialists:

  • internists
  • paediatricians
  • allergists
  • paediatric allergists
  • surgeon
  • paediatric surgeon
  • oncologist surgeon
  • plastic surgeon
  • dermatologists
  • paediatric dermatologists
  • diabetes specialist
  • nutritionists
  • endocrinologists
  • paediatric endocrinologist
  • gastroenterologists
  • paediatric gastroenterologist
  • gynaecologist endocrinologist
  • gynaecologists
  • paediatric gynaecologist
  • haepatologist
  • cardiologists
  • ENT specialists
  • paediatric ENT specialists
  • highly specialised ENT specialist
  • travel medicine doctor
  • nephrologists
  • neurosurgeon
  • ophthalmologists
  • paediatric ophthalmologist
  • orthopaedists
  • psychologists
  • paediatric psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • psychiatrists
  • pulmonologists
  • urologists
  • venereologist.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a modern form of providing medical services that uses the most advanced achievements in telecommunications, medical and IT technologies. This solution allows you to overcome geographical barriers - the doctor and patient can communicate, regardless of where they currently are. Telemedicine allows doctors to provide remote diagnostics and treatment, as well as preventive, check-up and educational services.

Many medical consultations can take place remotely, without the patient being present at the medical facility. Such contact with a doctor is often sufficient to make a diagnosis and to coordinate appropriate effective treatment. In addition, telemedicine works great for continuing treatment. The doctor can take the patient’s medical history over the phone, and issue an e-leave or e-prescription. This solution has also long been used in psychological therapy. An additional advantage is saving time on commuting to the medical facility, as well as avoiding contact with sick patients. Telemedicine ensures an individual approach to patients and significantly facilitates treatment.

Damian Medical Centre constantly expands and adapts its telemedical services to the needs of patients. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our doctors, we strive to refine our services to ensure patients receive the best medical care possible.


How does a telephone consultation work?

The doctor (or other specialist) will make three attempts to contact the patient (if the patient fails to answer 3 times, we will ask you to contact us at +48 22 566 22 71 or +48 22 566 22 72 to re-schedule the appointment). All calls are recorded.

  1. When the call from the doctor or psychologist comes through, you will hear an automatic message informing you that you are being connected to Damian Medical Centre for a telephone consultation.
  2. The doctor will then ask you to provide basic personal information to verify your identity.
  3. The telephone medical consultation includes:
    • taking a detailed medical history of the patient,
    • making a diagnosis based on the medical history and possible test results available in the medical system of Damian Medical Centre,
    • advice and recommendations,

and if there are medical indications, the following may also be issued:

    • e-prescriptions,
    • e-leave,
    • e-referral for diagnostic tests (excluding radiology) – due to the nature of the referral, the test must be done at Damian Medical Centre.

ultimately, the doctor decides about the course of the consultation based on the medical history taken over the phone.

During the telephone consultation, the doctor will perform all services that can be performed remotely. However, the patient’s medical history may reveal the need for an in-person visit at the centre in order to make the final diagnosis and choose the treatment. In this case, we offer a 50% discount for an in-person visit at the centre (consultation with the same doctor within 14 days after the teleconsultation).

How to conduct a video chat with a doctor?

Video consultations with specialists are currently carried out via Skype. Prior to the video consultation appointment, our consultant will contact the patient to provide the most important information about the video chat and guide them through the installation of the Skype application.

At an agreed time, our specialist will call the patient and a video consultation will take place.

Who benefits from telemedical consultations?

Telemedicine consultations are a great solution, especially for people with chronic illnesses (e.g. diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases) who are under the constant care of a doctor, regularly undergo tests, take medications, and medical check-ups do not require their personal presence at each visit.

In addition, telemedicine consultations can be a great form of initial assessment of a patient's state of health, which may be useful in case of a sudden illness. Telemedical consultations can accelerate the patient's treatment process and quickly determine the initial cause of the problem. During the teleconsultation, the doctor can help the patient by discussing the results of lab or imaging tests, and assess the results of measurements (arterial pressure, blood glucose). In addition, the doctor may recommend effective treatment or verify medicine doses and issue e-prescriptions for the patient.

Teleconsultations are also a great solution for people who, due to limited mobility (caused e.g. by age or injury) want to avoid a personal visit to the facility. This solution also works for people living in areas far away from larger cities (e.g. small towns, villages), as well as for people who reside outside the country, where access to medical services is significantly limited.

As part of telemedicine, we also offer help to patients in need of rehabilitation. Our services include: exercise instruction, children's neurological rehabilitation and consultation with a physiotherapist.

Telemedicine – pros and cons

Due to its remote nature, telemedicine has both pros and cons.

Telemedicine pros:

  • access to doctors and other specialists from anywhere throughout the country,
  • saving money on treatment, especially in the case of continuation of treatment (e.g. a visit involving a short interview and issuing an e-prescription) - telemedicine consultations are cheaper than in-person visits at the facility,
  • saving time on commuting and queuing at the reception desk and outside offices,
  • ability to receive an e-prescription and e-leave without visiting the facility,
  • shorter waiting time for online appointments than in-person visits,
  • accelerating the diagnosis process - access to telemedical consultations is quick and easy, which is particularly important in emergencies,
  • safety - avoiding contact with other patients.

Telemedicine cons:

  • while taking the medical history the doctor may decide that an in-person visit will be necessary to make the correct diagnosis and choose the right treatment,
  • during a teleconsultation the doctor cannot issue a prescription for very strong substances (specified in the Official List of Medicinal Products Authorised on the Territory of the Republic of Poland), narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances,
  • no possibility of issuing a referral for tests such as: X-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, biopsy, ECG stress test, or endoscopic tests (colonoscopy, gastroscopy, rectoscopy, endosonography).

What is needed for a telemedical consultation?

After booking a teleconsultation - depending on the chosen form of contact - you will need a telephone or a computer, as well as an application or Skype.

Before using the service, please read the Damian Medical Centre Telemedicine Services Terms and Conditions.