Vojta Therapy

Publication date: 09.08.2019

The Vojta therapy consists in reflexive activation of correct locomotor patterns. A therapist should first determine the main problem of a child referred to the therapy by a doctor, the aim of the therapy and, most importantly, the set of exercises. The success of the Vojta therapy depends on parents who must regularly do the exercises. The therapist's role is to solve technical problems with exercising.

The mode of the therapy, choice of stimulated areas, order of exercises in the supine, prone and side-lying position must be decided individually and modified with time. A baby is usually stimulated 4 times a day for a few minutes at both sides of the body. The Vojta therapy is conducted at home with carers receiving proper training first. A child must be frequently (once per week) consulted with a therapist so that correct stimulation is performed. As the child's condition improves and they acquire new skills, the therapist changes the areas of stimulation accordingly.

The duration of the therapy may vary. If the child's condition is not very serious and the therapy is introduced very early, 2 or 3 months might be enough to obtain significant improvement. In some more serious cases the therapy is continued until the child starts to crawl and walk. In serious cases rehabilitation must be constant and on a step-by-step basis so that it improves the child's functionalities as long as you can see its effects.