X-ray of the abdomen cavity and lumbar spine

Publication date: 26.08.2019

Preparation for abdomen cavity and lumbar spine X-Ray.

The day before the examination you should not eat heavy, bloating meals, raw fruit and vegetables or drink carbonated drinks.

From about 2 pm on the day proceeding the examination till the evening of the same day, you should take ESPUMISAN (6 tablets altogether, 3x2 tablets every 2 hours) or 6 tablets of carbo medicinalis.

If the examination is in the morning, the patient should not eat and be after defecation.

If the examination is in the afternoon – a light, non-bloating meal in the morning.

You should not eat 6 hours before the examination.

You should not smoke or chew a gum on the day of the examination.

X-Ray examination is performed according to a referral with diagnosis.