X-ray of the chest

Publication date: 26.08.2019

Description of the examination

Standard X-Ray is taken when the patient is standing (undressed upper part of the body). To perform image in posteroanterior projection (most common projection) the patient should place his/her hands on his/her hips, bring elbows  forward, lower the shoulders and bring them forward (similarly to elbows), put chin up (chin is often placed on a special support) and anterior surface of the chest should freely adhere Roentgen cassette. The patient is asked to take a deep breath and hold the breath for a short time. During this time, the chest is X-Rayed. The time of a single radiation lasts not longer than several hundreds of milliseconds. Another way of placing the patient to perform posteroanterior projection image is a position with shoulders up, hands laying on the top of the head. In lateral and angled projections the patient should turn his/her afflicted side close to the cassette, and turn up his/her chin and shoulders. In some cases close before the examination the patient is asked to drink so called barium meal (it can be tasteless or with taste substances added).

X-Ray examination is performed according to a referral with suggested diagnosis.

Preparation for the examination

No special recommendations. There is no necessity to have other examinations first.