Gastroscopy is a diagnostic method of upper part of alimentary system based on introducing a flexible instrument (endoscope) equipped with a camera, a source of light and a system showing the images from inside of the body. During the examination test for Helico-bacter is performed routinely, the result of which is immediately obtained. During the examination it is possible to collect samples from lesions or remove polyps. Taking samples is painless.

The examination is performed under local anaesthesia (anaesthesia by lygocaine gel or spray) or under general anaesthesia which reduces unpleasant experiences during the examination, such as irritation of the throat, retching.

The examination is performed in outpatient setting. When booking an appointment for gastroscopy, it is important to inform the receptionist about the preferred type of anaesthesia:

  • Gastroscopy under local anaesthesia
  • Gastroscopy under general anaesthesia


Before the examination: 6-8 hours before the examination without food, 4 hours without drinking

You should bring the results of other examinations of digestive system.

Patients taking medication

All changes in the way of taking medication before the examination should be discussed with the doctor.

On the day of examination, cardiological medication (including hypertension medication) should be taken early in the morning washing it down with some water. Patients taking diabetes medication do not take tablets or insulin – you can take medication with you, insulin or glucose can be administered intravenously in the Centre.

Anticoagulants should be taken according to the cardiologist’s orders and not taking it before the examination should be consulted.

In case of therapeutic procedure (for example polyp removal), after consultation with the attending physician, the patient should discontinue anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs for 4-5 days before the procedure and, if needed, start treatment with low-molecular-weight heparin.
In such a case blood coagulation tests and blood group examination should be performed 1-2 days before the procedure.

After the examination: 30 – 60 minutes you cannot eat or drink. If anaesthetics or soporific medications were administered, you cannot drive a car for up to 24 hours.


Examination in children up to 5 years old is performed after consultation with a child and a parent. The date of examination is arranged with the doctor. During the consultation the doctor informs how the child should be prepared. Examination of the child is performed under general anaesthesia after consultation with an anaesthesiologist.

During the procedure necessity of taking samples for microscopic examination from suspected lesions and polyps removal may occur, those additional procedures may be charged extra, depending on patient’s payment form.

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