Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is one of the most serious and dangerous infectious diseases. The virus is present in all countries of the world. It is much easier to be infected with Hepatitis B virus than by HIV virus. Everone who is not vaccinated is at risk.

Hepatitis B virus, while developing inside infected person’s body, may lead to many complications – cirrhosis and hepatic failure, and, as a consequence, to primary liver cancer and death.

Infection occurs due to skin breakdown and contact with infected person’s blood or other body fluids. Less than a drop of blood is enough to get infected. Over 60% of all Hepatitis B infections happen in hospitals, more often in outpatient wards than in in-patient wards. The reason of spreading the virus could be badly sterilized equipment or neglect of other hygiene procedures, such as washing hands or changing disposable gloves.

You can become infected during sexual contact with an infected person – carrier.
Treating chronic Hepatitis B is very difficult and long-term. Consequences of infection are very serious, they often lead to cirrhosis which can manifest with ascites, brain function abnormalities (encephalopathy) or oesophageal varices bleeding. Liver cancer may develop or the patient may even die as a consequence. The only chance to survive is liver transplant.

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