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Do you and your family need professional medical care? Damian Medical Centers will provide you with support with regard to medical care for adults. In Warsaw you can find several centers which can be accessed both by car and means of public transportation. One clinic is a place for all necessary medical services. Come and see!

Comprehensive medical care in Warsaw for every patient

In Damian Medical Center every single patient is in the center of attention. Our priority is to provide comprehensive medical care – with regard to diagnosing, preventing and treating.

In Damian Medical Centers you can do the following:

  • Undergo diagnostic tests – both laboratory and imaging,
  • Undergo rehabilitation – post-traumatic, orthopedic and neurological,
  • Undergo allergy tests,
  • Undergo vaccination and outpatient surgeries,
  • Use support given by doctors specializing in nearly 40 fields of medicine.

If the outpatient help is not sufficient, you can also visit our hospital which performs various surgeries, such as ophthalmological, gynecological, ENT, orthopedic and urological.

National Health Fund care and private care in Warsaw

Choose a treatment model which best suits your expectations and possibilities. To gain more information and arrange a visit, contact our consultants via e-mail, phone or in person. Please visit us!

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