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Elżbieta Stachlewska-Nasfeter MD PhD, surgical oncologist

Damian Medical Centre had provided oncological help almost from the very beginning of its existence.

Diagnosticians, surgical oncologists and clinical oncologists who co-operate with Damian Medical Centre work for Warsaw Oncology Centre. They provide oncological care from the diagnosis through modern, operational treatment in agreement with international standards as well as supplementary treatment in Oncology Centre.

We perform operations in a cutting-edge Operation Theatre and Hospital Ward in dates chosen by the patient and the surgeon. A team of oncologists co-operating with Damian Medical Centre specialize in the following areas of oncology:

  • Breast neoplasm treatment
  • Thyroid gland neoplasm treatment
  • Skin neoplasm treatment
  • Biopsy
  • Cytological and surgical diagnostics of lymphatic system/lymph nodes

Post-operative histopathological diagnosis takes place in Pathomorphology Department in Oncology Centre and in Pathomorphology Department of MSWiA Hospital.

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