Package for 3rd trimester

Package for 3rd trimester

Mother’s Zone is a programme for future mothers where the patient can choose one of the three packages for the period of pregnancy, depending on the trimester of pregnancy she is right now.

  • Individual maternity care – 9 months (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester).
  • Individual maternity care – 6 months (2nd, 3rd trimester).
  • Individual maternity care – 3 months (3rd trimester)

Every package offers 15% to 20% discount on services included in it.

Additionally, a future mother who will but one of the three packages for pregnancy period – “Mother’s Zone” card, will get 10% discount of delivery in the Damian Hospital, antenatal class and other services not included in the package.

Moreover, a prospective mother who makes a decision about a delivery in the Damian Hospital, will receive a card “Medical Care for Mum” and the child born in the Damian Hospital a card “Medical Care for a Child”. 10% discount on medical care at our centres

Scope of the Product:

  • 1 CTG tests
  • 3 gynaecologist consultation
  • 3 blood count tests
  • 3 urine tests – general test
  • 1 obstetric ultrasonography
  • 1 IgM cytomegalovirus antibodies test
  • 1 IgG cytomegalovirus antibodies test
  • 1 IgG toxoplasmosis antibodies test
  • 1 IgM toxoplasmosis antibodies test
  • 1 test of grade of vaginal microflora
  • 1 HBSAg test
  • 1 anti HIV antibodies test
  • 1 vaginal smear culture
  • 1 anal smear culture
  • 1 anti HCV antibody test
  • 1 VDRL test
  • 1 cytology

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