Within Damian Medical Centre we offer modern cataract removal procedure, consisting in crushing clouded lens with ultrasounds, removing crushed fragments and insertion of intraocular implant (artificial lens). The procedure takes place under local anaesthesia, it is not painful. Thanks to the implant, the patient can see well if other healthy structures of the eye allow for it.

We offer soft, flexible intraocular lenses.

Qualification for the procedure appointment During preoperative visit the doctor discusses with the patient his/her expectations regarding refractive disorders after the procedure. There is a possibility to implant pseudoaccomotive lenses, i.e. make the patient independent from glasses. The procedure takes place in outpatient setting. Check-up after the procedure takes place on the next day and the next check-ups take place according to an ophthalmologist’s orders. Our standards do not differ from western standards, the team is experienced and the equipment is disposable.

The healing process lasts about 5-6 weeks. During that time, the patient takes medicines in the eye, should limit physical activity and apart from that can function as usual, perform daily activities, such as driving, watching TV, working at the computer.

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