Urinogenital organs in men reconstruction surgery, phimosis

Damian Medical Centre is one of the few hospitals where reconstruction of men urinogenital organs are performed in adults and children.
The Head of the team is prof. nadzw. dr hab. n. med.
Wojciech Perdzyński

  • European School of Andrological Surgery.
  • 3rd Surgical Workshop “Sava Perovic”.

The scope of surgeries in adults and children comprises:

  • reconstruction of inborn defects of the penis:
    • Hypospadias, treatment of patients not operated previously or repair surgeries in case of penile deformation after previously performed surgeries, which results are not satisfactory for patients or their parents (in children) – Certificate of Polish Urological Association.
    • Distortion of the penis (prof. Perdzyński introduced a new, safe and effective method of treating this defect and spoke about it in congresses in Brussels (2008), Hamburg (2010) and Belgrade (2010).
    • Distortion of glans of penis
    • epispadias
  • Reconstructive surgeries of acquired penile distortion (Peyronie’s disease, post-traumatic penile distortion)
  • Surgery of urethral stricture
  • Surgeries improving the appearance of external genital organs (including correction of deformation of body of penis, penis  glans or scrotum),
  • Surgical disjunction of foreskin or penile skin adhesion to glans, and formation of penile groove
  • Surgical treatment of cryptorchidism
  • Surgical treatment of varicocele
  • Implantation of testicular prosthesis
  • Elongation of penis, so called true, that means increasing penile length when erect (for example in patients, who have small penis, micropenis, or do not accept their penis). Many centres offer to their patients only surgical cut of suspensory ligament of penis, what leads only to lowering of the penile position at rest and, vividly, increases “underwear bulge” This is so called ostensible elongation, as it does not increase penile length when erect
  • Surgical removal of urethral meatus cyst
  • Surgical removal of pigmented naevi of glans
  • Surgical removal of pearly papules of glans (in case of their hypertrophy)
  • Surgical removal of cyst of the glans
  • phimosis surgery

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