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Nowadays the speed of life and the work of potential patients require surgeries which are minimally invasive practically in every field of medicine. This type of procedure shortens hospital stay and the time of recovery, which help to come back to normal life without worsening its quality (e.g. presence of disfiguring scars after extensive open surgeries). Endourological surgeries which are minimally invasive meet these expectations for quick procedures in urology.

They require implementation of the newest imaging techniques (modern visual tracks enabling performance of endoscopic procedures with cameras), highly precise endourologic equipment required for microsurgery of, for example, upper urinary tract without opening abdominal cavity. It is obvious that appropriately trained medical personnel to perform such surgeries is present.

Damian Medical Centre has full diagnostic and treatment instruments. We also have an operating theatre where complex procedures in urology can be performed.

We perform unique surgeries of urogenital system in men, prostate surgeries (classical and transurethral electro-resection), procedures connected with treatment of urinary calculi, kidneys and urinary bladder surgeries.

  • Urinogenital organs in men reconstruction surgery
  • Urinary system surgeries

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