Wałbrzyska – Medical Centre for children

Wałbrzyska – Przychodnia dla dzieci

The Manager of the Wałbrzyska 44/46 Medical Centre is Doctor Ewa Mądra.

The Centre for children is a response to the needs of our youngest patients. This spacious two-storey area offers a wide range of paediatric specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, preventive vaccinations and rehabilitation.

Our integrated and specialised centre has 7 doctor rooms, a surgery room and a vaccination room. We have separated the parts of the centre intended for healthy and sick children.

Our Centre is a place friendly for the child and mother. In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, children feel at ease and forget about the stress accompanying medical appointments. The entire Centre has been designed for the youngest patients to feel comfortable. There are many toys, brightly coloured walls and even a travelling ambulance. Tables, chairs and railings at the stairs are adapted children's height. We have also provided a place for mums with children, enabling to breastfeed in a quiet and friendly environment or change the child. There is a place for prams at the entrance as well as a lift that ensures their easy transport.

Medical consultations

  • • Paediatric allergologist
  • • Paediatric surgeon
  • • Paediatric endocrinologist
  • • Paediatric gastrologist
  • • Paediatric gynaecologist
  • • Paediatric haematologist
  • Paediatric nephrologist
  • Paediatric neurologist
  • Paediatrician
  • Hearing aid technician
  • Paediatric urologist
  • Routine health checks
  • Compulsory and recommended vaccinations

Diagnostic tests

The Blood Collection Room is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM, and on Saturdays from 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM.

  • Laboratory tests: full range, also in the urgent mode
  • Rapid diagnostic tests: influenza type A and B, CRP Quik Read, Strep A test
  • Hearing: tonal audiometry, high frequency audiometry,  3D tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions, ASSR – hearing testing under natural sleep
  • Allergy tests
  • Hydrogen breath test after fructose, glucose, lactose and lactulose load

Our youngest patients have access to diagnostic tests, including: ultrasound, echocardiography, ECG, X-ray, EEG, computed tomography at Wałbrzyska 46 Medical Centre (the building next to it).

Outpatient surgeries

  • Surgery (examples)
    • removal of skin lesions,
    • Skin tissue sample collection (and histopathological examination of the sample)
    • Wound stitching/management
  • Urology
    • Dissection of labial adhesions (synechia), in girls
    • Prepuce separation under surface anaesthesia (EMLA)
    • Catheterization of the urinary bladder in children below the age of 16

Address and opening hours


Wałbrzyska 44/46
02-739 Warszawa
Telefon: (22) 566 22 50

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 8.00 – 15.00

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